Slave To The Grind

In the early 90's as a pre-teen metalhead (think Hair Metal, the BIG 4 & other super basic Thrash, nothing that cool), I started getting into skateboarding and subsequently met some neighborhood kids who were into cool music and skating. They saw my collection of Skid Row, Warrant and Mötley Crüe shirts, immediately called me names you can’t really say anymore, gave me a swirly and began to school me on Punk, Hardcore, Death Metal, Crust, Pop-Punk and everything in-between. After quite a bit of discovery nothing was ever as cool as the immediacy, catchiness and absurdity I found in fast, short songs from bands like Misfits, Minor Threat, Descendents, & especially Napalm Death.

It wasn’t until the new wave of Grindcore/Power Violence in the late 90’s that I really became inspired and started putting all the puzzle pieces together. The extreme speed, aggression, insanity and even humour I found in bands like SpazzCharles BronsonDiscordance Axis, Assück, Suppression, Apt 213, Agoraphobic NosebleedPlutocracy, Black Army Jacket, Agents of Satan and on and on, blew my mind. Blast beats were my new religion.

Some friends and I immediately started a Grind/PV band called Inspite. Each demo tape had 20 songs in half as many minutes. We also posthumously put out a 7” and had a song on one of the legendary Reality Compilations on Deep Six Records

*Shameless self-promotion: I’ll be releasing an Inspite discography compilation by the end of the year as well as my newest Death Metal/Grindcore band, Mirrored Crypt.

Fast forward 20-years and it still stands true for me that no band could ever be fast enough and no song could ever be short enough.

Tonight, in collaboration with Cinematic Void and Born for Burning we are presenting the LA premiere of the Slave to the Grind documentary followed by a Q & A with Scott Carlson (Repulsion) & Oscar Garcia (Terrorizer, Nausea).

More details in the link here

In the immortal words of someone much wiser than myself:   


-N. Vance

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