Together We Ascend

We’ve been blessed to operate a Los Angeles record shop in the arts-driven Sunset Junction neighborhood of Los Angeles for just shy of 10 full years. In that time we’ve not just sold, but have KNOWN incredible people who are now INCREDIBLE FRIENDS who make and have made and who will continue to make INCREDIBLE MUSIC and INCREDIBLE ART. The list of artists and musicians and humans we call friends and consider as our peers is as deep if not deeper, than a record store has records.  

We cannot attempt to clarify this enough...if you make music and if you put out records yourself or through a label, WE SUPPORT YOU. We haven’t told you yet what our real plans are as a shop (we will soon), but know this: WE WANT YOUR MUSIC TO SELL. Don’t be scurred to email us at: vacationvinyl@gmail.com (and soon we’ll post our new phone number). Our Silverlake buy-counter will be open soon, where you can come in and sell/consign us shit, but in the meantime you get to come by Mark’s house if you want. Same to you labels and management: GET AT US.

Our second VACATION VINYL POP-UP is this Friday, September 7th at 
The HI HAT in Highland Park. Mark and Bei will be there (Nick is going to E-Town Concrete! with Barber Tailor) with a modest set up prepared strictly to enhance THE PRIMALS LP RELEASE PARTY for their debut album ‘ALL LOVE IS TRUE LOVE’ on SOUTHERN LORD. Please come say what's up and enjoy the party along with Prissy WhipDeth Crux, Sad Boy Punk Songs and homegirl DJ TUNA!

This is what being apart of a community means to us. To bastardize notable Quaker abolitionist Greenleaf Whittier who I think got right to the meat of it; 'Thee Lift me and me lift thee and together we ascend'. 

aka: We got you.

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