Unconditional Love featuring Kill All Music

It was just about a year ago exactly that we moved from our Sunset Blvd location to the short lived Santa Monica Blvd location a few blocks away.

As we put this week's spotlight together on the excellent local label KILL ALL MUSIC, we are reminded of this challenging stretch of time, of the difficult year ahead that we now understand was imminent, and of how TOPHER HENDRICKS (KILL ALL MUSIC label visionary and THE WARHORSE creator) showed us the true measure of his character. He was already a shop regular when his label had become a shop favorite the previous year and his band's debut LP 'CHUBS' had quickly become not just Vacation's RECORD OF 2016, but was also the largest selling individual release we ever had to-date. His dry, abstract and forward thinking character is the life's blood that pumps through his wildly diverse label, and it's hugely infectious out-of-it-tits figurehead "Silverlake Synth Punk" band.

It's these character qualities that we were already drawn to the day he showed up unannounced to our Silverlake location as we were scraping that regrettable open sign logo pilfer off the front window. More than anyone, this motherfucker showed up for us and showed up hard; he painted, he cleaned, he moved tons of stuff in his little Datsun and pushed shop fixtures down the street for us. Shit, he even bought us Gatorade! He is an exceptional person, and his label and band is an extension of him. It is for this reason that he and his creations are front and center for us this week.

All KILL ALL MUSIC titles are drastically discounted for the next week through our web-store, we have freebie value add items for each product ordered (stickers, matchbooks, etc), and every KAM title in stock on our web-store has streaming samples if you want to quickly and easily sample what they are all about. 

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