Gridlink - Orphan / Amber LP (Hydra Head, 2011)
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Gridlink - Orphan / Amber LP (Hydra Head, 2011)

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Gridlink  - Orphan / Amber LP (Hydra Head, 2011)

Still sealed 180g 45rpm LP Feature the 12 tracks from the Orphan LP and the 11 from Amber Grey. Comes with download of all tracks and as well as "Karaoke" versions.

Featuring members of Discordance Axis, Human Remains, Kill the Client and many more!

In a realm of perpetrators veiled by smokescreen tactics of studio trickery and trapped in herd minded musical and socio-political maneuvering, Gridlink provide a much needed counterpoint in which sincerity, determination and artful execution triumph finally and fully.  -Hydra Head


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