Vitreous Men - Gossamer 12" (Zoombezoom, 2013)
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Vitreous Men - Gossamer 12" (Zoombezoom, 2013)

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Vitreous Men - Gossamer 12" (Zoombezoom, 2013)

Konstantin Gabbro’s music thrives on the unorthodox, the experimental and the unknown. Ranging from house cabaret numbers to collaborations featuring acoustic instruments and vocals, his sound is genre-defying bringing listeners on a preconceived and accidental psychedelic journey while performing live sets that evolve around a drum machine, a modular rig and a small shuttle carrying sounds.

In the early years he played keyboards for The Absolute Beginners, formed the trio Star-Polar, continuously spending time toying with modular synths, various samplers and Toys "R" Us products. With his friend and Star-Polar mate Randy Jones aka Caro he launched Orac Records, an experimental dance music affair which released the obscure War Dialer as well as the legendary Conrad Schnitzler.

A few years later another label emerged under Konstantin’s guidance - Adjunct Audio. His partner in crime this time is Ken Gibson aka [A]pendics.shuffle. A colorful slew of 12”s came into the world by artists from around the globe - frivolous, adventurous, and forward thinking.

In 2013, Zoombézoom launched as a platform for Konstantin’s own work and the releases of a few friends. - Zoombézoom Label

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