Sonos and Turntable Combo

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Sonos and Turntable combo

Sonos / Turntable Combo

Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB / Sonos Five Turntable / Combo

👉 Switch seamlessly between vinyl and streaming. Listen to vinyl while taking advantage of Sonos’ powerful app. The bundle includes the necessary adaptor, Turntable Lab Record Brush, and a visual setup guide.

TURNTABLE: T1 Phono SB is a user-friendly, audiophile-style turntable with a minimalist design that complements the Sonos Play Five

SPEAKERS: we like the Five’s power, which allows you to play your records loud; the Sonos app lets you control volume and EQ remotely

The Sonos Five is perfect for pairing with a turntable. The Sonos Five’s triple tweeter/woofer array offers a full-bodied and loud output.

Furthermore, you’ll find the Sonos app to be powerful and convenient. Control and optimize your sound through your iPhone, and switch seamlessly to streaming when your not enjoying your vinyl records.