What Are Bluetooth Record Players And Are They Worth It?

  • By: Andrew
  • Date: April 27, 2022

The record player became famous since its birth also a source of classic joy for people. These devices progressed slowly for decades, but new technological changes revolutionized these record player devices. Is there such a thing as a Bluetooth record player?

Modern speakers and other peripherals use Bluetooth technology to provide wireless connections. Similarly, now some record players use Bluetooth and are known as Bluetooth record players. 

It is the 21st century, and you do not need a wired connection to listen to your music collection. These Bluetooth devices are popular due to their sound quality and unique designs.

Bluetooth record players are famous among music lovers because they provide excellent audio output using wireless technology. Wireless Bluetooth devices gained abnormal hype during the last decade, and Bluetooth record player is one of them. The popularity of these audio players is due to their aesthetics and time to time modifications. The demand for these Bluetooth players is rising and setting new sale records. (source)

If someone prefers to buy a Bluetooth record player over modern stereos, there is something special about these audio players. People find these wireless record players fantastic for playing old or new record collections. Unlike any other demanding product, the prices of these turntable Bluetooth record players are not that high. (source)

Some people are still confused about what are Bluetooth record players? Are Bluetooth record players worth it or not? So, we will divide this question into two parts and discuss them separately. 

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What Are Bluetooth Record Players?

A Bluetooth record player is a turnable device that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a speaker, headphones, AirPods, or a stereo, e.t.c. The average range of this Bluetooth device is about 30 feet, and you can listen to your favorite music wirelessly. It means you do not have to be in the same room and can use wireless speakers or other audio devices in any other room. This device is fantastic for casual and regular music listeners to enjoy their vinyl records anywhere they want. 

The Bluetooth record players also have some drawbacks and caveats, as the audio quality will fall slightly. This wireless vinyl player is helpful for people who want an audio player setup with speakers. This type of record player is easy to set up and use at any place you like. You can set this Bluetooth vinyl player with speakers in different rooms without connecting a single cable or wire. (source)

Some people find it difficult to set up and use wireless devices. Some people might have some queries about Bluetooth record players. So, let us answer some famous questions about Bluetooth record players.

  • How does Bluetooth record player work?
  • How to connect a Bluetooth record player to a Bluetooth speaker?
  • Can we use Bluetooth speakers with a standard record player?
  • Does Bluetooth record player ruin audio quality?
  • How to improve the audio quality of Bluetooth speakers paired with Bluetooth record players?

1. How Does Bluetooth Record Player Work?

Some people may know that an ordinary record player uses analog recordings to play recorded music. It means that the storage media of the record player stores these analog signals, which is a vinyl record. On the other hand, a Bluetooth record player uses these analog signals and converts them into digital signals. This record player uses a built-in DAC (Analog to digital converter) to compress and digitalize the audio signals. (source)

There is also a mechanism in the Bluetooth record player to send compressed audio signals to wireless devices like speakers or headphones. When the wireless headphone or speaker receives these compressed signals, these signals decode into the original analog audio signals. After this conversion, you can listen to the music from your wireless speakers or headset. Some users do not have wireless speakers or headsets, but they can play music using wired speakers or other wired devices.

Bluetooth record players are portable, which is one of the main reasons for their popularity. These Bluetooth vinyl players allow you to choose between wired and wireless speakers. So, you can use any one of these audio devices, depending on your choice.

2. How To Connect A Bluetooth Record Player To A Bluetooth Speaker?

Firstly, people do not know there are two different types of wireless speakers. The Bluetooth wireless speaker and WiFi wireless speaker are the two variants of wireless speakers. Both wireless speakers use various mechanisms to play your vinyl record music. You need to understand that WiFi and Bluetooth are not the same technology, and a Bluetooth device cannot work smoothly with a WiFi device.

A Bluetooth record player will need to pair with the Bluetooth speakers before you use them. You have to set both Bluetooth devices to paring mode to connect them via Bluetooth protocols. You can listen to your vinyl record music once the Bluetooth wireless speakers connect with the Bluetooth vinyl player. The music transfers to the speakers through the Bluetooth protocol, and the Bluetooth speaker generates music accordingly. (source)

 The music transfers to the speakers through the Bluetooth protocol, and the Bluetooth speaker generates music accordingly. This pairing is a one-time process, and you do not have to pair these devices again and again. Now you can turn both devices on to listen to your vinyl record collection.

3. Can We Use Bluetooth Speakers With A Normal Record Player?

An ordinary record player can not work with Bluetooth speakers in their current state. Many people have a regular vinyl record player with no Bluetooth support to play music on Bluetooth speakers. Do you want to use Bluetooth speakers and headsets on your regular record player? Yes, now it is possible to pair your vinyl record player with Bluetooth devices, but with some modifications.

If you want to pair your record player with a Bluetooth speaker, you have to set up a Bluetooth transmitter on your record player. You can directly plug in the transmitter if your record player has a built-in preamplifier. But if it is not available, you can also buy a new preamplifier for your record player. After setting up a built-in or external preamplifier, you can directly play your vinyl record music on your Bluetooth speakers or headsets.

4. Does Bluetooth Record Player Ruin Audio Quality?

The bitter reality is the audio quality of vinyl music on wired speakers is better than that on a WiFi or Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth record player converts analog signals into digital signals and sends them to the Bluetooth speakers. The Bluetooth speakers then convert them back to analog signals and play the music. This conversion of signals causes the audio quality to drop.

Setting up a Bluetooth speaker is not recommended if you have a high-end record player and prefer audio quality. Bluetooth speakers can distort the audio quality of your high-end Bluetooth Record player. But if you have a low-end Bluetooth recode player and like to play music wirelessly, you can try out Bluetooth speakers. There is not much noticeable audio quality drop for a low-end Bluetooth record player on Bluetooth speakers. (source)

You can also buy a mid-range Bluetooth record player to keep a balance between audio quality and price. It will help you set up Bluetooth speakers in your rooms and get a reasonable audio quality for your vinyl music.

5. How To Improve The Audio Quality Of Bluetooth Speakers Paired With Bluetooth Record Players?

Do you have a high-end Bluetooth record player and like to listen to vinyl music through wireless speakers? Are you tired of the audio quality drop on your Bluetooth speakers? Can we improve the audio quality of Bluetooth speakers paired with Bluetooth record players? Congratulations, you can improve your audio quality and music experience with various simple tricks.

The first tip is to check whether there is any obstacle between the record player and the wireless speaker or not. If there is an obstacle, you should shift its place to improve the signals and improve the audio quality. The second tip is to keep both devices as close as possible, but it may not be that useful. The third tip is to check the audio codec of the Bluetooth, which is essential to transmit fewer data to strengthen the signal.

You can use these tips to improve the audio quality of your vinyl record player paired with a wireless speaker or other devices.

Are Bluetooth Record Players Worth It?

Bluetooth record player is one of the best wireless devices to play music without any cable connection between the device and speakers. The vinyl record music lovers find this wireless music player beneficial in fulfilling their music demands. Bluetooth record players come in different sizes and price ranges depending on the requirements. Are Bluetooth record players any good or not?

People are leaving the wired setups and switching to wireless systems day by day. Wireless Bluetooth devices are handy as you can use them anywhere on the go. If you and your family want to enjoy your music collection in different rooms, the Bluetooth vinyl record players are super helpful. Are Bluetooth record players worth it?

The answer depends on multiple factors and varies for every user of record players. It is worth it to buy a Bluetooth record player if you have a good album collection and it comes with an excellent stylus. But wireless devices come with a price, and you will notice some quality drops in the music through the wireless speakers. It is unclear whether a Bluetooth record player is worth it for you or not.

It will help us to determine whether the Bluetooth record player category is worth it for you or not. So, we will define it for every class, whether it is worth it for you or not. Here are the three types of Bluetooth record players:

  • Premium Bluetooth Record Players
  • Mid-range Bluetooth Record Players
  • Budget Bluetooth Record Players

1. Premium Bluetooth Record Players

It is a universal truth a device needs quality components to deliver good results. Similarly, if you are a regular music listener, you need a Bluetooth record player with quality components. You can find excellent premium Bluetooth record players at a reasonable price in seasonal sales and other sale events. You can also find a good vinyl record collection at flea markets and yard sales.

Any other device can not replicate the experience of the audio quality of a premium Bluetooth record player. The experience of playing your vinyl record collection on a quality Bluetooth record player makes it worth every penny you spend. So, it is worth it to buy a premium Bluetooth record player if you are a passionate music lover. (source)

2. Mid-range Bluetooth Record Players

Many people like to listen to music on and off to release their daily stress. Some people like to listen to music to spend their free time on the weekends. But these people can not afford a premium Bluetooth record player, and it is not worth it for them to spend this much. A mid-range Bluetooth record player comes with a mix of quality components at a much lower price than a premium Bluetooth record player.

A mid-range Bluetooth record player is worth it for you if you are not a passionate regular music listener and your budget is not that big. You will get slightly less audio quality on a mid-range Bluetooth record player, but it is worth it if you are a casual music listener. (source)

3. Budget Bluetooth Record Players

Most music lovers have a tight budget and can not afford an expensive premium or mid-range Bluetooth record player. These people do not listen to music regularly but enjoy themselves whenever they listen to music. If they do not listen to music regularly, it is not worth buying a premium or mid-range Bluetooth record player. A budget Bluetooth record player is the best available option for a non-regular music listener and someone with a low budget.

A budget Bluetooth record player cannot give the audio quality of a premium or mid-range Bluetooth record player, but it is good enough for someone who listens to music rarely in weeks. If your budget is low, you can try a budget Bluetooth record player if you like. (source)

Difference Between Wired And Wireless Record Player?

A wired record player is a classical music player which allows you to play your favorite vinyl record music collection. You can use a cable or wire to connect a wired record player to an external speaker. You will get excellent audio quality if you pair multiple speakers simultaneously with the record player. You have to pace the speakers close to the record player as the length of the cable is not that long.

On the other hand, a wireless record player comes with some latest technologies. A Wireless record player does not need any wires to pair with an external speaker. These record players either use Bluetooth or WiFi to pair with a wireless speaker. You can place your speaker almost 30 feet away from the wireless record player.

How To Use A Soundbar With A Record Player?

Connecting a soundbar with your record player will increase the audio quality. You can use a soundbar with a record player if there is a built-in phono preamplifier in it. You have to connect the phono preamplifier with one of the analog inputs to prevent distortion. It will stop two phono preamplifiers from working at the same time.

You can also use an external phono preamplifier to use a soundbar. If the soundbar is capable of phono inputs, you can use it easily with your record player. If both devices have a built-in phono preamplifier, you can choose one of them.

How To Buy The Best Bluetooth Record Players?

You do not have to waste your time searching the market for the best options for Bluetooth record players. Here are a few tips you can use to buy the best Bluetooth record player:

1) Check Its Connectivity With Other Devices

Firstly check that what devices can connect with the selected Bluetooth record player. Many Bluetooth record players are pairable with various devices like Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, Airpods.  

2) Look For The Built-in Preamplifier

Many Bluetooth record players come with a built-in preamplifier. A preamplifier helps in customizing your vinyl record setup. It also allows you to attach various transmitters like Bluetooth, WiFi e.t.c.

3) Check The Speakers

Some Bluetooth record players come with built-in speakers, and some with small external speakers. You can also upgrade your speakers later to keep up with the latest trends.

The Bottom Line

So, a Bluetooth record is a new sensation for the music lover community. It is convincing people to switch to wireless devices and leave those cable devices behind. In the end, the choice is yours to choose between wired and Bluetooth record players. Maintenance of a Bluetooth record player is also a headache for some non-regular music listeners.

A Bluetooth record player is worth it for a passionate music lover but not for everyone. Some cheaper ones are worth it for casual music listeners. So, choose a Bluetooth record player that suits your passion for listening to music.


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