9 Reasons That Make Record Players Worth It

  • By: Andrew
  • Date: April 27, 2022

Record player and vinyl renaissance are currently showing no sign of ever slowing down. What was once considered a dying trend is presently growing in popularity at a fast rate. And this is slowly turning young music lovers into vinyl record collectors. So if you are still on the fence and still not sure why you should switch to analog music, here are nine reasons that make record players worth it.

Record players, which adopted this name in the 1940s, have evolved from phonographs to the automatic record players that we have today. But the quality of sound they produce is still unrivaled to date and what really makes record players worth it.

Even with the convenience of introducing digital music on streaming platforms, some people still prefer record players. Audiophiles prefer the quality of sound produced by record players. So in this article, we will give you nine reasons why record players are worth it.

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What Are Record Players?

A record player, known initially as a phonograph or gramophone, is the oldest device used for analog recording and playing sound. Generally, the sound vibrations are recorded on a vinyl record with spiral grooves engraved on its surface.

And to recreate the recorded sound, the disc is rotated with the stylus tracing the grooves to reproduce the sound. (source)

Record players have evolved for the century, with the first phonographs’ stylus vibrating to a diaphragm that produces sound waves. The record players dominated the industry until the 1980s when the compact cassettes took over. The cassettes became replaced by the compact disc, and the introduction of digital music began.

Fortunately, record players find use by turntablists, collectors, DJs, and audiophiles who love listening to quality music. And since the 2000s, record players have undergone a revival, with music lovers turning to records.

Fortunately, the change in record player technology plays a crucial role in the rising popularity of vinyl records. (source)

The renewed interest in vinyl records has seen sales of record players and vinyl records increase in the music industry. Vinyl records have experienced increased popularity in East and West Asia since 2007.

And by 2010, the once almost forgotten music player’s popularity had started growing at an even faster rate. In some parts of the world, vinyl records are more popular than they were in the 1980s. (source)

The steady increase in record players’ popularity is evident in the revival of record shops and music charts dedicated to vinyl. However, vinyl records still account for 6% of music sales, so why the sudden interest in vinyl records?

(2) During the covid-19 pandemic, the sales of vinyl records exploded, the sales grew by 28.7% in 2020. (Terry Josh, 2021) (source)

The sales of the vinyl record have been increasing since the early 2000s. But 2020 marks the year when the vinyl beat finally beat CDs in revenue. It is the first since the 1980s that vinyl records have plagued the industry. (source) and that is because music lovers have spent the cash on turntables instead of concerts.

So why don’t you join the vinyl bandwagon and enjoy quality sounds? After all, it is part of our past and the future for high-quality music.

Reasons That Make Record Players Worth It

We also experience music differently, with audiophiles preferring the best sound ever. But all this depends on the music player that you’re using.

The music we stream from YouTube, mp3, and CDs are digital formats. It means that they are compressed to smaller sizes, making it possible to carry them on our smartphones.

For most folks, the convenience of digital songs outweighs the low quality of the digital formats. On the other hand, some music enthusiasts enjoy listening to the experience only a record player can provide.

For them, the quality outweighs the convenience of streaming music.

It is why the sales of vinyl records skyrocketed during the pandemic; after all, people could no longer go to concerts, so they had to pick the next big thing.

And these were vinyl records which are known for delivering more than music. Vinyl records can introduce the experience of music in our homes. So here are a few reasons why record players are worth it:

Vinyl Records Produce Better Quality Than Digital Recordings

Generally, vinyl records are analog recordings, while CDs are digital recordings. On the other hand, the original sound produced by musical instruments and musicians is analog by definition.

Unfortunately, to create a digital signal, the digital recordings take a snapshot of analog signals at a rate of about 44,100times/second for CD and measure every snapshot with an accuracy of about 16bit.

It means that digital recordings don’t capture complete analog sound waves; instead, it approximates it with a sequence of steps. (source)

And since sounds undergo quick transitions, they can be distorted as they tend to change at a high-speed rate. When played on CD players, the stereo converts the digital recording to analog signals fed to amplifiers that raise the signal’s voltage to the right level that the speaker can pick. (source)

On the other hand, vinyl records have an original sound wave, which means that nothing is lost when the stylus picks the sound. The output from the turntable is analog, and it’s fed to the amplifier without any modifications.

Therefore, the wavelength from records is more accurate, and you can hear its richness, unlike other mediums. Vinyl records will make you feel like you are listening directly to your favorite band in the concert.

So provided there are no specks of dirt on the disc, the quality of music produced by record players will be exceptional. (source)

Since digital recording doesn’t do an excellent job replicating the initial analog sound, it can’t compete with vinyl recordings in terms of quality. (source) A vinyl record is a better representation of live music than digital recording. So if you need to relive your childhood memories with legendary bands, you need to get a record player.

Record Players Are The Only Means Of Listening To Vintage Records

Initially, the music industry was dominated by vinyl records until the mid-1960s, when people started using cassette tapes and 8-track cartridges. (source) It means that some of the ancient jazz songs produced before the 1950s may not have been converted to digital form.

You may have inherited some of the oldest songs in history from your grandparent and don’t know which player to use.

Well, now you have a solution, the only way you can listen to vintage music in its original form is by playing their vinyl records. And even if there is a digital form of these songs, the conversion process may have distorted them. So as an audiophile who loves vintage music, you need to get a record player.

Remember, any vinyl record pressed before the 1950s play at about 78RPM. So you may need to get a turntable that can play three speeds. (source) Initially, all record players were designed to play at a standard rate of 78RPM, and all vinyl records were designed to operate at that speed.

However, modern records run at either 33.333 or 45 RPM, ideal for current vinyl records. So if you own an older record, you need a turntable that can run records at 78RPM. (source)

Save Some Cash

If you have a collection of records that have been in your family for decades that you saved in the garage, then you need a record player. So instead of sacrificing quality and paying lots of cash to stream the digital version of the same music, you can get a record player and enjoy your tracks. It can be the best time to visit your grandparents and borrow some original songs you loved while growing up.

Automatic Record Players Are Easier To Use

Generally, there are three types of record players (automatic, manual, and semi-automatic). This classification refers to how the stylus is accurately placed and removed from the grooves on the vinyl records.

If you disliked record players because placing the needle accurately on the record was challenging, you would love the automatic record players. I am sure many young folks don’t like the idea of placing the needle on the recorder and removing it every time.

Automatic record players can do the work for you accurately. Or you can try the semi-automatic that removes the stylus from the surface of the record on demand.

So instead of going for a manual system that requires you to lift and place the arm on the vinyl record manually, you can try automatic machines.

Unfortunately, a considerable percentage of the high-end record players are manual. So if you don’t have a steady hand and don’t want to scratch the record while placing the needle, you can go for automatic machines. (source) Or you can practice and perfect your skills with time.

Record Players Are Upgradable

One of the best things about record players is that you don’t have to break the bank for a high-end option. Instead, you can look for a turntable within your price range and then upgrade it later for high-quality output.

After all, you only need to change a few parts on low-end record players to improve their functionality and output quality. Some of the elements that are easier to upgrade include:

  • Platter: the platter is the plate on the record player where the records sit. Unfortunately, low-end options come with lighter platters affected by vibrations, which can distort the output’s quality. So you can replace them with heavier options and even add a dampener to help with the vibrations. (source)
  • Stylus: the stylus is responsible for the details and accuracy of the sound produced. High-end record players have a nude diamond stylus that is durable and delivers better quality. So you can upgrade your machine’s stylus with a nude stylus and then listen to the quality of the sound produced.
  • Tonearm: the quality of tonearms has a significant impact on the consistency and accuracy with each rotation. So upgrading it can have a massive effect on the quality of the sound.

Another upgrade that you can try is adding isolation feet beneath its base to help reduce vibrations. (source) The upgrades may not transform your machine into a high-end recorder, but they can improve the quality of the output and its durability.

A Record Player Gives Your Home A Character

If you have a rustic interior home design, you must finish it with a stunning record player. Place your record player on a table and a crate of well-arranged records beneath the table, and you have something to talk about with visitors.

A collection of vinyl records can give your living space character, and they can be a conversation starter.

You can even hang the sleeves of some of the records, with the best art, on the walls. But make sure you store the records correctly to prevent scratches; after all, vinyl records can be pretty costly. So make sure you get the right record player that can help improve your home’s décor.

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It Can Turn You Into A Collector

Owning a record player can help you create a unique and harmless hobby that will save you more cash than smoking or drinking every weekend. You will find yourself in fleas markets, music stores, or garage sales, looking for priceless records with a record player.

You can even make new friends who appreciate great music and get an opportunity to swap records. And if you’re lucky, you will finally listen to high-quality records of the music you love. (source)

On the other hand, it is harder to make friends with digital music since everyone can stream them from the comfort of their homes. But the vinyl record will give you something to talk about with your grandparents and other older family members instead of focusing on politics every time.

You Get To Listen To An Entire Album

Smartphones are killing our relationships and stressing us out. And even though they have everything we may need to have a memorable day, we all need a change at times.

So instead of wasting time creating a playlist and skipping bad songs, you can sit down, put your record on and pour yourself some drink and enjoy. It will help keep you away from screens and give you a chance to enjoy quality music at home.

So instead of multitasking while listening to music, you can sit down and enjoy uninterrupted minutes of high-quality sounds. Listen to side A until the end before turning to side B and enjoying the vintage music. (source)

You can also purchase a record player to honor the world record store day with your pals. After all, you can finally listen to the songs that top the music chart list dedicated to vinyl music. (source)

You Can Mix And Scratch Your Music Just Like A Dj At Home

If you love going out and wish you could mix and scratch like a DJ, then you need a record player. The introduction of direct drive turntables has made it possible for anyone to copy their favorite DJ and have fun.

Unlike belt-drive, direct-drive turntables are perfect for mixing without damaging the belt, which is why most DJs love them. So if you aspire to be a DJ, you need a direct drive turntable to train and perfect your mixing skills. (source)

You can even entertain your pals and family members with your high-quality music and DJing skills.


What Is So Good About Record Players?

Record players add a unique quality to all songs that no music player can ever add. The only thing that can rival vinyl records is a live performance or live recording of the music. Record players bring songs to life, making them almost tangible, and you can easily get lost in the beautiful tunes.

Why Are Vinyl Records Popular?

The most appealing fact about vinyl records is the unique analog signals better than digital sounds. Since there is no conversion done with vinyl records, the vocals and music are closer to concert performance than digital sounds, giving them a remarkable and warm quality effect.

Why Are Vinyl Records Costly?

Reduction in supply of records due to the high production costs and increased demand for them in the last few years has forced their cost to go up. In fact, most music lovers ended up buying these price records during the pandemic.


Record players were the original music players that served people for decades before the introduction of compact tapes in the mid-1960s. But with the price of making tapes and CDs being low, the industry turned to digital music.

But this fad didn’t die; in fact, it resurfaced in the early 2000s and has been growing in popularity since then. And that is because it brings music to life thanks to its high-quality output.


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