Best Way to Remove Static from Vinyl Records: 7 Easy Tips

  • By: Andrew
  • Date: October 27, 2022

Listening to music on vinyl records is amazing, with a nostalgic sound quality that some prefer to digital recordings. However, when records develop static it interrupts the experience you get and makes it sound like your TV is on the wrong channel.

The best way to remove static on records is by carefully cleaning the record. Storing records in sleeves helps prevent static noise, while spraying antistatic on a cloth and gently wiping down the record can help to get rid of any static remnants. There are also vinyl record safe brushes that combat static.

These are great ways to get rid of static on records, but how should you best store your vinyl records to combat static? How should you clean them? How should you get rid of static noise in detail? What products can you use?

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Tips for Removing Static

Removing static off of records is an easy task to do, you simply need a couple of supplies and time in order to do it. If you have a little bit of cleaning time in your day, consider using that time to go deep clean your record player and your vinyl records.

If you keep up on cleaning your record player and records once a month, or anytime you hear static noise, then your records will be in great shape for a long time. But, cleaning your record player is tricky because you do not want to harm the needle. So, how do you clean your record player and vinyl records?

Brush Your Record

There are antistatic brushes that are made out of carbon fiber bristles. This helps remove static noise from your record by physically removing static off of your record. The bristles also help get into the grooves in the record and lose them up and brush them out.

Dust and dirt get into the record from static electricity drawing them in and keeping them there, then over time, it builds. The brush neutralizes the charge of the static electricity and gets rid of some built-up dirt and dust. These brushes can be as low as $10 and they are great additions to your record player collection. But, they do not deep clean as other products do.

Clean Your Record

Clean your vinyl record products. The needle, the player mat, and the record should all be cleaned regularly. Look at your instructions that come with your record player and use their recommendations for cleaning.

Before washing your record, brush it and get rid of the loose dirt and dust that have built up on it. This will prep your record and get it ready for cleaning. After you’ve done that, get yourself a record solution for cleaning records. These come as sprays for easy cleaning, so simply spray your record down and gently wipe it with a microfiber towel. This towel is very soft and gentle which will work perfectly for your record.

You’ll also want to clean your player mat and needle. The needle is difficult to clean because you want to be very careful as to not harm or move the needle out of place. For cleaning your needle you can either use a needle cleaning brush that comes with your record, a clean paintbrush, or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Record players can come with a little brush that you can use on the needle to clean it. Simply brush the needle in the same direction that the record goes when it is playing. Do not go side to side or backward. You do not want to damage your needle with scratches going in the wrong direction because it can ruin the sound quality. If you have a clean paintbrush that is small, you can use it the same way you use the record needle brush.

The other option is using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This is very easy for people because chances are you have one of these in your home already. All you need to do is cut off a little piece and place it under your needle. Then, let your needle slowly lower itself down onto the eraser. The needle will push on it a little, then lift up. Do this a couple of times and your needle will be clean. The eraser is good at picking up small pieces of dirt and dust and traping them. Using this method can be fast, and convenient for you!

You can gently wipe down the platter mat, but a great way to clean it is to sweep it with the antistatic brush that you use (gently) on your record. This product or a clean paintbrush will wipe away any dust and leave your mat clean for your records to be played on.

Anti-Static Spray

This spray is great for removing static off of your records and for cleaning. After brushing your vinyl records, spray them with an antistatic spray and wipe them down with a microfiber towel. This spray will help remove static and help prevent static from building on your records. Using this once a month will keep your records in great shape.

Use an Anti-Static Gun

This gun is very simple to use. Simply point it at the record and press on the trigger. It removes static electricity very efficiently. It cannot clean your record and remove dirt and dust, but it takes away static better than other products do. This is a simple and fast solution to getting rid of static on your vinyl records.

Antistatic Tonearm

This product was made after the record brush’s success. It is basically a thin little antistatic brush that hangs over your record as it plays. This product gets rid of static as soon as it arrives, and it keeps your sound crisp because there is no build-up from static.

Store Your Record Correctly

To prevent static from building up on your vinyl record, store your records well. Investing in protective sleeve covers for your records will be a great help in the long run. You can prevent scratches as well as dust build-up. It is great for easy storage too. By keeping your records in protective sleeves you can store them next to one another without them scratching each other.

Use a Good Platter Mat

If your record is not set on a good platter mat then it can be a cause for static on your records. Getting a good quality platter mat for your records is a great way to help minimize the amount of static on your records. Ones of good quality help to generate less static charge so that you do not need to deal with static noise.

Products to Remove Static on Vinyl Records?

There are many great products for removing static off of records. Getting an antistatic spray, antistatic brush, microfiber towel, antistatic tonearm, vinyl record sleeves, and antistatic gun. These will get rid of static and help preserve your vinyl records to last a long time.

Antistatic Spray: Antistatic spray is great for cleaning your vinyl record and for getting rid of static. On Amazon, this product sells for $10.95 and it has great reviews.

Antistatic Brush: An antistatic brush is great for keeping your records clean for removing static. It is not a deep cleaning product, but it is great for keeping up on your records and making sure they are in good condition.

Facmogu LP Cleaning Brush Vinyl Record Cleaner Anti-Static Soft Turntable CD Album Cartridge Clean

Microfiber Towel: These cloths are great for all cleaning needs. They do not have lint build-up on them so keeping them clean and without fuzzies on them is easy. They trap in dirt and dust and they are great for dusting, cleaning, and polishing. When you spray your vinyl record with antistatic spray, use this cloth to gently wipe down and remove any build-up on the surface of the record.

MR.SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth,Pack of 12,Size:12.6" x 12.6"

Antistatic Record Cleaning Arm: This device is great for constantly keeping your records clean while using them. The arm hangs over the record and the brush gently touches the record to remove static electricity. By removing the static you get better sound and you get cleaner records. The static on vinyl records attracts the dust and dirt in the air so by removing the static you remove a lot of dirt and dust as well.

Vinyl Record Sleeves: Getting protective sleeves for your records is important in keeping them in prime condition and for keeping out dust and dirt. You can get a 100 pack of vinyl sleeves for $16.13 on Amazon. This is a low cost for keeping all of your precious, expensive, valuable, and collectors’ records safe and protected.

Antistatic Gun: Antistatic guns are great for getting rid of static on vinyl records. It does not clean them, but it does get rid of static very fast. The static stays off better when using anti-static guns rather than other methods. If you want it, it is a great tool for efficiency in removing the static off of vinyl records.

Milty 5036694022153 Zerostat 3 Anti-Static Gun, Blue

Record Cleaning Kit: Getting an all-included cleaning kit is great if you have a record player and vinyl records. That way, you can buy a kit that has all you need instead of buying each item individually that you want and having the cost go up. This kit that is linked from Amazon has 5 pieces included. It includes the cleaning solution, a stylist brush, a velvet brush, a nylon microfiber brush, and a storage pouch for it all. Out of over 3,000 ratings, it has 5 stars, so customers who have bought this product love it. If you want a cheap kit, this one costs $21.99, but normally it is $29.99.

Vinyl Buddy Record Cleaner Kit 5 Piece Ultimate Cleaning System - Velvet Brush - Nylon Microfiber Brush - Stylus Brush - LP Cleaning Solution - Storage Pouch

How to Take Care of Your Records?

To take care of your records you need to use the products listed above and treat your vinyl records and your record player with care. Clean it monthly and make sure you are protecting your vinyl records in protective sleeves. Getting a scratch on your record is horrible and it can ruin the record. By treating your records and equipment with care you will avoid this issue and make your vinyl records last a long time.

The best way to take care of vinyl records is to keep up on cleaning them. Clean your records after they have been put on your record player and place them in the protective sleeve. Be gentle when you wipe down your records and store them in safe places where they will not get damaged.

If you like to hang them up on your wall for display or if you like to show them on bookcases or shelves, then clean them before use. By being out in the open they can easily collect a lot more dust and dirt than your records that are stored away in sleeves, so by cleaning it before playing you can get rid of the dust and static. This will help the record to sound clearer and not static. You can get any of the supplies listed and linked above for your records and use them when you pull your records off the wall for playing.

How to Remove Static Noise Out of Your Speakers

If your speakers have static noise, then check out any wires that could be connecting to them. When a wire is broken it can make the quality of the speaker sounds bad and can cause static noise. If you do not notice a problem with them, then look at your location and move the speakers from any other cords. If you have your phone connected to your speaker, disconnect your device and see if your phone is the issue.

If your speaker has coverings that are dirty, then clean those out to improve the sound quality. If you have tried these tips and possibly others, then chances are your speaker is broken, possibly a broken wire or loose connection. You can take your speaker to an electronic store to see if they can diagnose the speaker with a problem, and offer a solution.