Can You Bring Vinyl Records On A Plane? (Heck Yeah, You Can!)

Can you bring vinyl records on a plane? Many vinyl owners are curious about that answer, and fortunately, this article is here to answer your question as candidly as possible. 

Yes, you can pack vinyl records and travel with them on a plane. Why can vinyl records pass through the checkpoints?

  1. TSA does not mark vinyl records as restricted goods.
  2. Vinyl records are not considered explosive luggage.
  3. There is no history of civil fines associated with vinyl records and air travel.

This article will give you in-depth information on traveling with your vinyl records on planes. If you’re about to travel soon and your vinyl records will be part of your luggage, you’re in the right place. Be sure to keep reading for further information.

Can You Bring Vinyl Records On A Plane?

Many vinyl owners have posed this question multiple times. You can consider internet forums and Reddit as valuable sources, but everyone has different experiences at the TSA. 

Some TSA officers may handle things differently from one another. It’s always best to get the correct information from the horse’s mouth. Keep reading for more crucial information.

In my experience, I haven’t had any issues bringing vinyl records on a plane. Crossing the checkpoints was a breeze. TSA had no qualms or double-checked the luggage with a suspicious eye or something along those lines. 

Is there a specific number of vinyl records you can carry on a plane?

As long as you’re not carrying an entire record store, a good and reasonable amount that meets your luggage weight should be fine. 

Remember that both hand luggage and checked-in luggage have a weight limit. So as long as you do not exceed that limit, you’re good to go. 

The Faa Airplane Luggage Restrictions And Airline Restrictions

Since this article has delved into the topic of luggage restrictions, it’s best to give more details on how exactly it works. The FAA, aka The Federal Aviation Administration, is the government body that has set specific weight and size dimensions for plane luggage. 

The FAA will only allow you to have one carry-on luggage. It could be a backpack, briefcase, handbag, etc. The choice is up to you but make sure you have enough room for your vinyl records. 

Regarding the weight and size dimensions, it’s all up to the airline you’ll be flying with, alongside your vinyl records. 

Different airlines have different weight and size limitations for both your carry-on and checked luggage. Before you delve deep into your suitcases or bags, make sure you check what weight and size limitations you’re working with for your trip.

So far, American Airlines and United Airlines have the most accomodating carry-on weight limit, sitting at 35 lbs.  

Nevertheless, it’s not like you’re carrying an entire record store from one place to another, right?

Do You Pack Records As Carry-on Luggage Or Checked Luggage?

Whether you decide to carry the vinyl records as your hand luggage or checked-in luggage, there won’t be any issues. Vinyl records are not considered harmful, and so you can package your vinyl records in either of the two types of plane luggage. 

Rest assured, you won’t have any issues with the TSA, so if you do decide to carry the vinyl records as part of your carry-on or hand luggage, it’s all fine and dandy. 

What If You Need Some Extra Assurance That Vinyl Records Can Be Part Of Your Luggage On A Plane? 

Well, dear reader, to add to this article, I decided to inquire on whether or not vinyl records you can pack vinyl records as part of your luggage on a plane. 

After sending my dm ( direct message) on Twitter, I got a response from a TSA representative. The message read that vinyl records are A-okay for flights. 

If you check the TSA website and search what you can and cannot bring, vinyl records don’t show up. Hopefully, this research attempt will assure you of your future travels with your vinyl records. 

Here are some helpful tips to help you keep your vinyl records safe away from any risk of breaking

1.Put the records in a box and then put them in a suitcase. By doing this, you are creating your little section where all the vinyl records are together in one immovable location. It also ensures that the vinyl records don’t pose any harm to each other.

2.Use your clothes as a type of barrier. Standard packages will have bubble wrap to protect the items inside the packages. Well, you can substitute your clothes for bubble wrap. Ensure that you organize your clothes in a travel-friendly manner. You want to form a safety barrier in the suitcase and also have all the necessary items for your trip in place. It’s killing two, maybe even three, birds with one stone. 

3.Remember that point about airline weight limitations? Well, it would be in your favor to weigh the suitcase before heading out to the airport. You can even buy one online. They are affordable, and knowing the weight of your suitcase makes things a lot easier. 

Flying is stressful, and without the proper preparations, it can be the most considerable pain in the neck. Flying with your vinyl records isn’t going to stress you out as long as you do it correctly. 

Are You Interested In What Other Vinyl Owners Are Asking? Here Are Some Helpful Faqs On Vinyl Records And Air Travel.

1.Is traveling on a plane with vinyl records, or should I ship the vinyl records to my house?

Honestly, both methods can work. The method of transport should not constrict you from taking your vinyl records from point A to point B. It is still possible for you to travel with your vinyl records on a plane, and you can find a shipping company and have them delivered separately. 

If you don’t have a huge vinyl collection and shipping would be too costly, don’t worry and travel with your vinyl collection. 

2.Is there a probability that TSA would confiscate your vinyl records?

No, there is a zero percent chance that TSA would rid you of your beloved vinyl records. The reason being, TSA doesn’t want to keep your stuff. Another reason is that TSA does not have an issue with you carrying vinyl records.

Vinyl records are neither harmful nor toxic in any way, shape, or form. So you are unlikely to have your vinyl records lawfully taken from you. Plus, TSA wouldn’t even take the vinyl records. 

What would happen then? They would ask you to leave them with another party or find another means to transport them. The probability of this scenario happening is low as well. 

Don’t panic. Your vinyl records will surely go through the checkpoint.

3.What’s the best way to carry vinyl on a plane?

A lot of vinyl owners may have this concern. Is it better to pack them as carry-on luggage or checked-in luggage? If you have maybe one or two (if you’re stretching it, then three should suffice), then having them as part of your carry-on luggage should be fine. 

However, it would be best to have them as your checked luggage if you have more vinyl records. Not only that, but if you’re looking to start your vinyl record collection, it would be best to ensure the safety and priority of your vinyl records. 

What better way to do that than by having them as part of your checked luggage? Please note that this is a recommendation. 


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