26 Great Gifts for the Vinyl Record Lover

  • By: Andrew
  • Date: August 11, 2022

We all have that person in our life who’s hard to shop for. But if you have a vinyl record lover in your life, there are countless options for gifts that will satisfy them. Whether you’re buying them their favorite record or a new accessory, the possibilities are endless.

Here are 26 great gifts for the vinyl record lover in your life:

  1. Vinyl record dividers
  2. Record storage
  3. New turntable
  4. Stylus cleaner 
  5. Record weight
  6. Turntable mat
  7. Custom vinyl record
  8. Vinyl cleaning system
  9. Record sleeves
  10. Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting
  11. Vinyl Me, Please: 100 Albums You Need in Your Collection
  12. Turntable isolators
  13. Record jacket repair strips
  14. Record display
  15. Carrying case and portable turntable
  16. Vinyl subscription service
  17. Vinyl record coasters
  18. Vinyl mug
  19. Stylus needles
  20. Gift card
  21. Matching vinyl and tee
  22. Autographed vinyl record
  23. Vinyl record phone case 
  24. Personalized gold music plaque
  25. Vinyl record jigsaw puzzle
  26. Ambiance Enhancers

In this article, I’ll explain why these items make such good gifts and even recommend some specific options.

*Note: All product recommendations are available from Amazon.com.

Table of Contents

1. Vinyl Record Dividers

A must-have for any vinyl record collector, vinyl record dividers allow you to organize your records in various ways.

Every vinyl record collector has their own way of organizing their records, so before buying record dividers, you should do some sleuthing and figure out how they choose to manage their records.

Most commonly, records are organized alphabetically. Because of this, it’s easy to find pre-made alphabetical vinyl record dividers, such as these Pearlead 6 pc. Vertical Acrylic Vinyl Dividers

These dividers are an excellent option for those just starting their record collection because they’re budget-friendly and group records together in sections of four or five letters at a time.

However, they might not be ideal for those with an extensive collection, as the subgroups will still be too large. Instead, consider these Kozy Wooden Vinyl Record Dividers.

At a slightly higher price point, these dividers can be oriented horizontally or vertically and group records into groups of two letters at a time, creating much more manageable subgroups.

Also, a common choice for organizing records, but slightly harder to find, is organizing records by genre. 

While less widely available than alphabetical vinyl record dividers, websites such as Etsy and smaller design companies offer various options for record storage by genre.

You could also consider looking into custom-made vinyl record dividers from a local artisan or a website such as Etsy if the vinyl-lover in your life has a unique organizational system.

2. Record Storage

A requirement for any vinyl record collector, record storage comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether the record lover in your life is at the beginning stages of their collecting or they’re seasoned pros, there are storage options for all.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone just starting to build their record collection, consider a small storage option, such as the Way Basics Vinyl Record Storage Cube.

This option is like a modern milk crate; perfectly designed to fit standard records. These storage cubes are a buildable storage option, as you can continue to buy them and stack them as your record collection grows. 

Not only that, but they come in multiple color and finish options, meaning you can tailor them to the personal style of your gift recipient.

If you’re looking for something a little more interior design-friendly, record stands are a great way to go. Stands such as the Crosley Manchester Turntable Stand offer a small storage option on which you can set your turntable. 

While this is an attractive and relatively affordable option, this too is for the beginner collector in your life.

If you’re buying a record storage system for someone in your life who has a substantial collection, you’ll need a storage solution to match.

An option such as the Crosley Mid-Century Walnut Storage Console is a great gift idea. 

Attractive and practical, these larger storage systems are specifically designed to house an extensive collection of records and have plenty of space on top for your turntable, amps, and speakers.

3. New Turntable

Chances are, if they’re a vinyl record lover, they already own a turntable. But it could very well use some upgrading.

Most people don’t start with their dream turntable, so this is likely an area for improvement that they’ve been putting off themselves, making it a great gift choice.

With many great options for turntables, it can be challenging to narrow down which one to get. The key is to match your budget with the preferred specs of your gift recipient.

The Fluance RT81 HiFi Vinyl Turntable is a highly rated, reliable turntable choice and possibly a significant upgrade from their current turntable.

The Audio Technica AT-LP60X 2-Speed Turntable is another excellent choice for a turntable upgrade that is both sleek and highly functional.

Both options are excellent mid-level turntables that are a step above what they may already have but still fall in a reasonable gift-giving budget.

While it’s best to know what the vinyl record lover in your life is looking for before buying them a new turntable, an upgraded record player can be a very thoughtful gift.

4. Stylus Cleaner 

If you’re trying to impress the hardcore vinyl record lover in your life, a stylus cleaner is an excellent gift choice.

While many people understand the importance of cleaning records themselves, a lesser-known but equally important part of vinyl maintenance is stylus cleaning.

Keeping the stylus clean is essential for several reasons. First and foremost, a dirty stylus can damage the records.

Styluses collect dirt and dust, even when you can’t see it, and can grind this dust into the grooves of records if not adequately cleaned.

Furthermore, a dirty stylus can affect the sound quality when playing records, causing them to sound grainy or muffled.

A go-to for vinyl record lovers, the ONZOW ZeroDust Stylus Cleaner, is tried and true. Simply lower your stylus onto the cleaning gel surface, and when you lift it back up, it will be free of dust and dirt.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, Amazon has a huge selection of less expensive cleaners, such as this KAIU stylus gel cleaner

An ideal choice for a design-forward record lover, the KAIU gel cleaner comes in a compact, attractive wooden container that is both functional and eye-catching. 

5. Record Weight

Record weights are another excellent accessory for the vinyl record collector. Small and subtle, they’re the kind of item that a person is less likely to buy for themselves, making them a great gift choice.

Record weights are designed to improve sound quality. They work by providing extra weight to the top of the record, helping to stabilize the record.

While they’re not a necessity when playing records, they help reduce the vibrations during playback, allowing a more accurate sound to be produced.

Record weights are helpful with slightly warped records, which may otherwise cause issues with playback; however, they will not affect more severely damaged records.

There are endless options for record weights out there, but I recommend the Fluance HiFi Vinyl Weight Stabilizer

With a rubberized outside and a velvet pad, the Fluance Vinyl Weight Stabilizer will weigh down your records without ever scratching or harming them 

6. Turntable Mat

A turntable mat, also known as a platter mat, is another helpful tool in providing quality sound when playing records.

While many turntables come with mats (especially high-quality ones), some turntables require you to buy mats separately. Alternatively, it may be time to upgrade the mat that came with the turntable.

There are a variety of mat styles, and ultimately it comes down to the user’s preference, but for most at-home use, sticking with rubber or cork is a great idea.

Rubber turntable mats help reduce vibration by ensuring that the record sticks to the mat and sits flat. An excellent option for rubber mats is the Fluance Turntable Mat

The Fluance mat is a subtle and reliable option that makes your turntable look just as good when it’s not in use. 

Cork turntables are beneficial for several reasons. They do an excellent job of preventing slipping of the records without actually sticking to them, meaning there is no resistance when placing or removing records.

The PRO SPIN Cork Turntable Mat is an excellent option if you’re considering buying a cork mat as a gift, thanks to it’s highly reviewed and minimalistic design.

7. Custom Vinyl Record

A truly thoughtful gift that requires both time and effort, you can give the gift of a custom vinyl record.

Websites like Vinylify and Freestyle Vinyl allow you to choose which tracks you want on your vinyl record and even let you upload your own album jacket art.

Are you looking for a creative anniversary gift to commemorate your big day? With these sites, you can choose specific songs from your wedding and upload a photo from your wedding album as a cover.

Creating a custom vinyl record is an intimate and meaningful gift that is sure to warm the heart of the vinyl lover in your life.

8. Vinyl Cleaning System

A record collection is never complete without an appropriate cleaning method. If the vinyl record lover in your life doesn’t already have a cleaning system, this is the perfect gift.

Like cleaning the stylus, cleaning records themselves is crucial not only to the audio quality but also to the longevity of the records.

The dirt and dust that can cause abrasion in the grooves of the records should be cleaned out before running the stylus over it, forever damaging the records. 

There are many options for cleaning records, but the beauty of this gift is that it doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

One of the best options for cleaning is this Boundless Audio Record Cleaning Brush.

This brush not only effectively cleans down into the grooves of the records, but it’s anti-static, meaning it helps remove the static charge that all records have when they’re removed from their sleeves.

If you’re looking for a more intensive cleaning system, consider this GrooveWasher Walnut Vinyl Cleaning Kit

Not only will it be an attractive addition to your gift recipient’s vinyl record collection, but the alcohol-free cleaning solution and microfiber cleaning pad guarantee a deep clean.

9. Record Sleeves

While record sleeves may not seem like a glamorous gift, they’re instrumental in protecting vinyl records and will undoubtedly be appreciated.

Most records are sold with lightweight inner sleeves that don’t do a great job protecting the record. Combine that with the open side of their album jacket, and you leave a high probability that dust will be able to make its way to the records.

Upgrading record sleeves is an inexpensive and easy way to take that extra step to keep records like new.

If you want to give record sleeves a gift, consider opting for thicker inner sleeves, like this 50-Pack of Big Fudge Inner Record Sleeves.

With the heavyweight paper and rounded corners, records will not only be more protected, but they’ll be easier to take in and out of their album jackets.

But don’t stop there. Take an additional step and buy these Invest In Vinyl Clear Plastic Outer Sleeves.

The outer plastic sleeve is essential in vinyl record care. It protects the records themselves from being damaged from dust and dirt and preserves the art on the album jacket.

10. Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting

A classic coffee table book, Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting is sure to be a fun read for any vinyl record lover and will allow visitors to share in their love of vinyl collecting.

An exploration into the vinyl community, this book is a collection of photographic essays from photographer Eilon Paz.

Paz paired his photographs with interviews with all types of vinyl collectors, including many famous ones, and compiled them into this book.

Not to be missed, this is a great gift option for the vinyl record lover who already has seemingly everything.

11. Vinyl Me, Please: 100 Albums You Need in Your Collection

Another must-have book for every Vinyl record lover, Vinyl Me, Please: 100 Albums You Need in Your Collection is an excellent gift choice.

Part coffee-table book, part guide, this comprehensive book will let any record collector know where their collection stands.

This book is a perfect gift for a vinyl lover at the beginning of their collection as it is both visually appealing and informative.

This book might even be a good gift-giving guide for you, as you can slowly fill the holes in their record collection with these classic albums.

12. Turntable Isolators

Turntable isolators are another great gift for the vinyl record collector. They function to remove any excess vibration that may affect sound quality.

They come in various styles, such as isolation platforms, pads, or feet. The type you choose is dependent on your preference and the weight of the turntable.

There is a vast range in price for turntable isolators, so go with one that fits their needs and your budget.

The Tuneful Cables Sound Isolation Pads is a fundamental and inexpensive option. These pads are sold in a 4-pack and are made of rubber and cork to absorb vibrations.

If you’re looking for a higher quality, higher budget option, the IsoAcoustics Orea Series Isolators are a fantastic choice. They have different selections for different weight requirements.

Be sure to check that your gift recipient doesn’t already have isolators installed, as they can sometimes be very subtle. 

13. Record Jacket Repair Strips

Designed to go on the inside of damaged vinyl album jackets, these Seamzeazy Record Jacket Repair Strips are a must-have for the vinyl lover in your life.

Most vinyl collectors buy both new and used records, so even if they take excellent care of their new records, it is likely that some of the records in their collection are a little worse for wear. 

That’s where these record jacket repair strips come in handy. They are designed specifically for record jackets and don’t require any tape to be on the outside.

Because of this, records look better, and the tape doesn’t get snagged or torn when rubbing against other album jackets.

14. Record Display

A gift that is sure to be appreciated, a record display gives the audiophile in your life the ability to display whatever record is currently being played. 

Not only is the display an attractive way to present the spinning record, but it gives the player the ability to leave the album jacket out without getting in the way.

Record displays come in all shapes and are made with all kinds of materials. Try to find a record display that will match the aesthetic of the record owner’s style.

A classic option is this KAIU Vinyl Record Stand. Offered in various colors, this solid wood display looks attractive whether there’s a record being displayed on it or not.

KAIU Premium Vinyl Record Stand - Showcase Your Now Playing Album Cover - Minimalistic & Elegant Holder Design- Compatible with All CDs & LPs - Walnut

The Optage Audio Tabletop Record Display is a sleek display option that doesn’t take up much space when not in use.

15. Carrying Case and Portable Turntable

If the vinyl record lover in your life is the type to bring records wherever they go, consider buying them a carrying case and portable turntable.

Carrying cases are typically not designed to lug around an entire record collection but would be an excellent choice for a long weekend or evening out. 

Consider a padded carrying case such as this Trunab Vinyl Record Carrying Bag. This case comes with multiple compartments, pockets, and a shoulder strap for easy transport.

Crosley CR8009A-TU Discovery Vintage Bluetooth 3-Speed Belt-Driven Suitcase Turntable, Turquoise

To complete this gift set, consider investing in a portable turntable; this Crosley Vintage Suitcase Turntable is a great option. Reliable and offered in various colors, there’s an option for everyone.

If you’re looking to keep it simple and elegant, consider buying a matching set such as this Victrola Suitcase Portable Record Player and Carrying Case

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in Speakers & Vintage Vinyl Record Storage and Carrying Case, Fits all Standard Records, Holds 30 Albums, Gray

Your gift recipient will appreciate the understated design and the continuity that comes with having a matching set. Best of all, if one of them breaks, each item is also sold individually. 

16. Vinyl Subscription Service

A vinyl subscription service is a perfect gift for any vinyl record collector. Designed for someone with a growing record collection in mind, subscription services are the gift that keeps on giving.

Ranging in price and the number of records delivered each month, you can find the vinyl subscription service that best meets their needs.

While there are several services, one popular option is Vinyl Me, Please, which offers four tracks to choose from: 

  • Classic
  • Essential
  • Hip-hop
  • Country

Once you choose their track, they will be notified each month of the selection and given a chance to switch the record if they’re not interested in it or already own it.

Another option is Black Box Record Club, which has a specific gift package option. The recipient gets two vinyl records a month with this subscription service, and the selection is curated explicitly to their taste.

There are a lot more subscription services out there, but whichever one you choose, any vinyl lover is sure to appreciate the additions to their collection.

17. Vinyl Record Coasters

A lighthearted option for the vinyl record lover in your life, these Retro Vinyl Record Coasters are a great gift choice.

Complete with a display that looks like a mini turntable, these anti-skid coasters are each designed to look like a different retro vinyl record.

Funny Retro Vinyl Record Coasters for Drinks with Vinyl Record Player Holder for Music Lovers,Set of 6 Conversation Piece Sayings Drink Coaster,Housewarming Hostess Gifts, Wedding Registry Gift Ideas

This fun and functional set of six coasters is a great standalone gift or accompaniment to any vinyl-themed gift.

18. Vinyl Mug

Another silly gift for the record lover in your life, this Vinyl Record Shaped Mug is a fun way of letting them know you care.

Shaped like a vinyl record with the album title “Cool Brew,” this mug is an ideal choice for someone in your life with a combined love of not only records but also coffee or tea.

This novelty mug is sure to be a favorite and is an excellent record-themed gift for you to give without breaking the bank.

19. Stylus Needles

While perhaps less fun than record-themed novelty gifts, giving the gift of extra stylus needles will never go amiss.

Even with proper cleaning and maintenance, stylus needles will need to be replaced over time. Having extras on hand is a requirement for any serious vinyl collector.

Consider a simple pack of universal stylus needles such as this 3-Pack of Soofotoo Needles. Understated and dependable, these needles are highly rated and you can choose to upgrade to a diamond stylus if you want.

The vinyl record lover in your life is sure to appreciate the practicality of this gift and will think of you when they inevitably find themselves needing to replace their stylus needle. 

20. Gift Card

Still not sure? Gift cards are an excellent option for the vinyl record lover in your life who’s a little more challenging to shop for.

Whether they already have all the fancy accessories or their music taste is super niche, you can’t go wrong with a gift card.

Consider getting a gift card at their favorite local record or music shop. This gives them the freedom of deciding what they want to spend the money on, and nobody has a better idea of what it is they’re looking for than themselves. 

If the vinyl lover in your life doesn’t live near a record store, you can also get them a gift card to an online retailer such as Amoeba Music or Discogs.

21. Matching Vinyl and Tee

If there’s a specific album that you know the vinyl lover in your life has been wanting, why not pick it up for them?

If they haven’t mentioned an album in particular, why not look through their collection, and see if there are any albums missing from their favorite bands or artists.

Better yet, sweeten the deal with a matching tee of the artist or album that you bought to make it a set. 

22. Autographed Vinyl Record

If you can somehow manage it, a signed vinyl from one of their favorite musical artists or bands is sure to be a hit.

While this might run a little higher in budget and effort, an autographed vinyl has the potential to be an unforgettable gift, and a prized possession.

The vinyl lover in your life is sure to appreciate you going the extra mile, and getting them such a meaningful gift. You’ll sometimes get lucky, too, and find an already signed one on Ebay or Amazon, eliminating the need for you to have to put in all the legwork of getting an album signed yourself.

23. Vinyl Record Phone Case

An easy and simple gift, consider a vinyl record phone case. There are countless cases on the market, for all different types of smartphones.

A case such as this Selection Vinyl Record Case with records on it is sure to be a hit if you’re looking for a good gift for your vinyl-loving teenager.

Plus, this phone case is fun, eye-catching, and inexpensive, so if they grow out of it, it’s no big deal.

If that choice is a little too flashy for the vinyl lover in your life, consider this Demelza Retro Vinyl Record Case instead. Designed to look like a classic turntable, this phone case is fun and subtle.

24. Personalized Gold Music Plaque

For the true artist in your life, consider getting a personalized gold music plaque, like this one from Etsy.

Gold records are given to musical artists in the United States who sell (or stream) more than 500,000 copies of a song or record.

The possibilities are endless with this personalized gold music plaque. If the vinyl lover in your life is also a musician, you could get a gold record of their newest album to hang in their practice space or recording studio.

If there’s an album or song that is particularly meaningful to your loved one, you could get a gold record for them to hang near their record player. 

25. Vinyl Record Jigsaw Puzzle

Another great novelty gift, a vinyl record jigsaw puzzle is the perfect gift for the person in your life who has a love for both records and puzzles.

Puzzles like this Springbok 1000-piece puzzle of the Melody shop would be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a real challenge.

But listening to vinyl isn’t just about the music itself, but the overall ambiance that allows them to relax and lean into the music.

Springbok's 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle The Melody Shop

Depicting a busy record store, this puzzle offers the nostalgic scene of a retro vinyl store, and is sure to take up a few evenings with how many pieces it has.

You could also consider getting a jigsaw puzzle of your gift recipient’s favorite band or album, such as this AQUARIUS Dark Side of the Moon puzzle.

This round, 450-piece puzzle is an exact replica of the album cover, and would be a huge hit for any Pink Floyd fan.

AQUARIUS Pink Floyd Dark Side Record Disc Puzzle (450 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle) - Officially Licensed Pink Floyd Merchandise & Collectibles - Glare Free - Precision Fit - 12 x 12 Inches

There are endless jigsaw puzzle options, and if you know what you’re looking for, the likelihood is high that you’ll be able to find it.

26. Ambiance Enhancers 

Every true vinyl record lover knows the simple joy of sitting next to their turntable, enjoying their favorite record through headphones. 

Consider getting your vinyl lover a few items to enhance their listening experience.

A comfortable pouf, such as this MAHAO Seat Cushion is a great gift choice. It’s large enough to lounge on, and attractive enough to keep out, even when it’s not in use.

MAHAO Straw Flat Seat Cushion, Handmade Floor Pouf Mat, Ottoman Footstool for Meditation, Zen, Yoga Practice or Buddha (15.7" Dia. x 6.3" H)

You could also consider adding a weighted blanket to your gift list, for when they want to listen to records in the colder winter months. 

Blankets such as this ThrowStyle chunky knitted blanket are sure to be a hit thanks to their soft and attractive designs. This one comes in multiple colors, meaning you can tailor this gift to your recipient’s personal style.

ThrowStyle Chunky Knitted Blanket - Soft Chenille Blanket Tight Knit Heavy Weighted - Large Full Size 50 x 60 Inch, Dark Grey

If the vinyl lover in your life already has a cushion and blanket, consider any item that you feel would enhance their listening experience.

Sometimes simple items like salt lamps, candles, or essential oil diffusers really help set a relaxing mood.