10 Best Turntables Under $250

It seems like you only hear about two kinds of record turntables. There’s the vintage model you come across in a thrift store. It’s pretty battered on the outside and only costs a couple bucks. There’s a 50-50 chance that it sings like an angel… or screeches like the lead in a Hair Metal band….

Why Cheap Turntables Can Damage Your Records

The past few years have seen the so-called “vinyl revival.” With the resurgence of vinyl records, budget-friendly turntables also proliferate. But how do these cheap turntables differ from high-quality, expensive ones? Inexpensive turntables will destroy your records. They lack a counterweight to balance the tonearm, causing its weight to rest on the record. Your vinyl…

Why You Shouldn’t Leave A Record On The Turntable

Vinyl records require a lot of maintenance if you want them to provide you with the best sound quality. However, people sometimes leave them on the turntable so that they will not need to position it again once they want to play music. While that sounds convenient, what you don’t know is that it can…

Turntable Cable Lengths – An Audiophile’s Ultimate Guide

Whether you are setting up a temporary or a permanent stereo system, knowing the basics about how your components communicate is essential to getting the best quality sound. This fact couldn’t be more true when it comes to the delicate signals produced by a turntable. So, knowing the proper gauge and turntable cable lengths are…

Turntable with a bubble level

How to Level Your Turntable

Ensuring that your turntable is on a level surface is critical during setup; this helps avoid issues like stylus tracking problems that cause distortion, skipping, or imbalances in the channels. The turntable’s feet are responsible for leveling the turntable and isolating it from feedback, making it work without giving problems. In this article, I will…

The Best Way To Clean A Turntable Rubber Mat

Looking for the best way to clean a turntable rubber mat shouldn’t be a huge ordeal. Rubber mats help dampen vibrations and also aid in sticking to the metal platter and record. In addition, the rubber mat allows the record to gain and hold momentum via the spinning platter underneath. Cleaning any rubber products, be…

turntable covered in smoke

My Turntable Smell Like It’s Burning: 5 Issues And Easy Fix Tips

Relaxing to some classic vinyl and a funny smell like burning starts to meander across the room. It’s subtle but makes you wonder why the turntable smell like it’s burning has entered your nose. Before your house burns down, it would be best if you unplugged the device and kept reading to find out more….

Turntable Cartridge

Why Turntable Cartridges Are So Expensive

Turntable cartridges are the heart of the turntable experience. They are responsible for ‘reading’ the record and translating it’s microscopic transcriptions of sound into an electrical signal. For such a small piece of the turntable, you’re probably wondering why turntable cartridges are so expensive given what a small part of the whole turntable they are….